Circles is a workspace concept for medium to large size enterprises, in which we design and manage an alternative and creative workspace in your existing workplace. The workspace is centered around a coffee lounge serviced by a barista – around this, we design and furnish a space for a multitude of purposes, be it individual workstations, an area to sit and read, a location for one-on-one meetings, or team meetings, or simply a place to take a break and have a great cup of coffee during a busy workday.

We believe the future workplace needs to facilitate collaboration and social interactions to an entirely new degree, to boost productivity, and to attract and retain the best talents


Collaboration builds on trust and connection

In medium and large sized enterprises, collaboration and agility drive business impact, but often require cross-functional trust and connection. The challenge is, that for most, building strong and trusting relations to colleagues in different functions does not come easy. What's more, the digital connectivity tools most enterprises apply, solve poorly for creating the personal connection and trust which is necessary for strong collaboration. 

We believe enterprises should invest to enable better physical connections between employees, to drive better cooperation and stronger results

Workspace design can be a driver of productivity and creativity

Business complexity is on the rise, meanwhile the demands and expectations employees have to their work and their workplace are changing. This calls for grand changes in business culture, how enterprises should complete their work and organize themselves, and it calls for changes is how enterprises should design their workspaces.

We believe, the traditional meeting room and open-desk environment have to be complemented with alternatives, which better enables cross-functional collaboration and meets individual working preferences – every day. 

Future talents demand attractive physical surroundings and amenities

It has long been known that the best talents have high demands towards their workplace and what their workplace can offer them. A job is no longer just expected to be a source of income - rather, a job is expected to contribute positively to development, learning and social experiences. To complicate matters further, employees are not measuring best-practices against industry peers, but instead based on global tech leaders and reknowned startups - companies they may never have set a foot in, but which have reputations which preceed them. 

We believe that the unison between the right business culture, and the right business workspace and amenities, can play a key role in attracting and retaining the best talents, and can boost companies' employer-reputations 

By investing in and activating a workspace, businesses can create a setting which fosters cross-functional collaboration and interaction, higher individual and team productivity and creativity, and higher employee satisfaction


Circles is an alternative and exciting workspace in your existing workplace, centered around a coffee-lounge, serviced by a friendly barista

Focused workstations

Circles is designed to allow for employees to set-up temporary individual workstations, for those who like to work in a different environment from their normal desk, or who need to read, take calls, etc. The space opens up for various modes of concentration and workstyles

Social meeting point

Circles serves excellent coffees, teas, juices and snacks, and thus offers a great place to have low-key social interactions between employees. We provide a location alternative for everything from onboarding meetings for new employees, to 1-1 sessions and other types of social interactions

Meetings and interactions

Circles is the perfect place for employees to conduct meetings and interact with each other, whether scheduled or spontaneously, across functions, or even with external guests (business partners, customers, etc.). Circles offers a great alternative to the traditional meeting room


Recognizing that managing workspaces is far from the core of most enterprises, we do everything we can to ensure the opening , and ongoing operations of Circles is as easy as possible for the businesses we serve. We take care of operations, staffing, and management of the workspaces we install - thus, collaborating with Circles has no direct operational, or headcount impact on our customers. What's more - we can be up and running in just 60 days on most locations.

The only thing we ask of you, is that you provide us ongoing feedback of the service we are providing, so we can make the Circles experience as good as possible for you, and your business!

If you want to learn more, reach out to us, and let us elaborate in a meeting.

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